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Pharmacy Practice Vol 15, No 2 (2017)

Models and theories of prescribing decisions: A review and suggested a new model
Mohsen Ali Murshid, Zurina Mohaidin.

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation to Brazil of the scale of attitudes toward physician-pharmacists collaboration
Luiza Cunha, Sabrina Neves, Tatiane C. Marques, Dyego Araujo, Thaciana Alcantara, Divaldo Lyra Jr.

Vancomycin use, dosing and serum trough concentrations in the pediatric population: a retrospective institutional review
Kevin Rajon, Regis Vaillancourt, Nisha Varughese, Gilda Villarrea.

Community pharmacy in Lebanon: A societal perspective
katia Iskandar, Souheil Hallit, Etwal Bou Raad, Fida Drouby, Nelly Layoun, Pascale Salame.

Impact of a pharmacy technician-centered medication reconciliation program on medication discrepancies and implementation of recommendations
Sarah K. Kraus, Sanchita Sen, Michelle Murphy, Laura Pontiggi.

Provider and patient perception of psychiatry patient health literacy
Opal Bacon, Amy VandenBerg, Meghan E. May.

A community pharmacy-based cardiovascular risk screening service implemented in Iran
Zahra Jahangard Rafsanjani, Negar Hakimzadeh, Amir Sarayani, Sheyda Najafi, Kazem Heidari, Mohammad R. Javadi, Molouk Hadjibabaie, Kheirollah Gholami.

Impact of co-investigators on pharmacy resident research publication
Paul M. Stranges, Scott M. Vouri.

Assessment of attitudes and practices of young Malaysian adults about antibiotics use: a cross-sectional study
Mohamed A. Hassali, Mohammad Arief, Saleem Fahed, Muhammad U. Khan, Ahmed Akram, Warisha Mariam, Harika Bheemavarapu, Syed A. Iizhar.

Nurses’ attitudes and behaviors on patient medication education
Jane F. Bowen, Melissa E. Rotz, Brandon J. Patterson, Sanchita Sen.

Challenges in the management of community pharmacies in Malaysia
Boon P. Kho, Mohamed A. Hassali, Ching J. Lim, Fahad Saleem.

Assessment of the rates and characteristics of the short-term supply of medication (Tider) from an integrated healthcare delivery system in the United States
Thomas Delate, Steven Wang.

Feasibility of clinical pharmacist-led CYP2C19 genotyping for patients receiving non-emergent cardiac catheterization in an integrated health system
Samuel G. Johnson, Paul B. Shaw, Thomas Delate, Deanna L. Kurz, Dylon Gregg, John C. Darnell, Christina L. Aquilante.

Effects of staff education and standardizing dosing and collection times on vancomycin trough appropriateness in ward patients
Drayton A. Hammond, Lexis N. Atkinson, Taylor B. James, Jacob T. Painter, Katherine Lusardi.