Original Research

Psychometric properties of a mental health literacy questionnaire for university students in Indonesia

Prasojo Pribadi, Susi Ari Kristina, Muhammad Junaid Farrukh
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Non-adherence to pharmacotherapy and its associated factors in outpatients with rheumatoid arthritis

Anan S. Jarab, Shrouq R. Abu Heshmeh, Walid A. Al-Qerem, Tareq L. Mukattash, Rami Beiram, Salahdein Aburuz
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Quality of the educational environment in postgraduate community pharmacy education and the relationship with trainees’ basic psychological needs

Marnix P.D. Westein, Andries S. Koster, Stéphanie M.E. van der Burgt, Marcel L. Bouvy, Rashmi A. Kusurkar
Abstract 583 | PDF Downloads 378

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Pharmacy students’ readiness and preparedness to contribute during disasters: a cross-sectional two institutional study from the UAE

Alaa Farajalla, Muaed Alomar, Subish Palaian, Mohammad Majed Al-Ahmad , Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim
Abstract 709 | PDF Downloads 355

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Overview of the use of antiarrhythmic drugs at a tertiary hospital in Oman

Rohan D Castelino, Khamis Al Hashmi, Mohammed Al Za'abi, Aly Abdelrahman
Abstract 575 | PDF Downloads 412

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Perception of Jordanian pharmacy students towards community pharmacy-virtual training experience during COVID-19 outbreak

Muna Barakat, Raja'a Al-Qudah, Rana Abu Farha, Husam A. ALSalamat, Feras Darwish El-Hajji, Amal Akour
Abstract 350 | PDF Downloads 333

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Cost effectiveness of cervical cancer prevention strategies in Indonesia

Yusransyah Yusransyah, Susi Ari Kristina, Dwi Endarti
Abstract 461 | PDF Downloads 465

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Factors related to non-adherence to antiretroviral treatment in children under 13 years of age

Eva María López -De La Espriella, Hiltony Stanley Villa-Dangond, Camilo Guzman
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Retrospective study on clinical efficacy of Evolocumab in highrisk ASCVD patients

Fatima Mohamed Alzaabi , Semira Abdi Beshir, Emad Abdel Fattah, Syed Wasif Gillani
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The Antibiotic prescribing and dispensing behavior among doctors and pharmacists working in UAE.

Ghada Ali Abuhamda, Semira Abdi Beshir, Kishore Kishore Gnana Sam, Syed Wasif Gillani
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Pattern of drug therapy related problems encountered by clinical pharmacists in a critical care setting in Nepal

Upasana Acharya, P Ravi Shankar, Subish Palaian, Resha Dangol, Nisha Jha, Anand Thakur
Abstract 460 | PDF Downloads 419

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Factors contributing to pharmacists’ intention to provide weight management service in community pharmacy settings: A systematic review

Pairin Supsongserm, Su Myat Thin, Osot Nerapusee, Bernard A Sorofman, Suntaree Watcharadamrongkun, Tanattha Kittisopee
Abstract 440 | PDF Downloads 370

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Pharmacy licensees and their characters that affect Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) Compliance

Piyanuch Punturungsee, Chanuttha Ploylearmsang
Abstract 335 | PDF Downloads 348

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Attitudes and perceptions of Jordanian pharmacy students toward deprescribing: a cross-sectional study

Shatha M. Al Omari, Hamza Alhamad, Muna Barakat, Hana M. Sawan , Marcia C. Mecca, F. Al Bahar
Abstract 428 | PDF Downloads 390

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Translation, cultural adaptation, and psychometric validation of the Persian hypertension self-management questionnaire in South Sumatera, Indonesia

Yopi Rikmasari, Tri Murti Andayani, Susi Ari Kristina, Dwi Endarti
Abstract 386 | PDF Downloads 382

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Association between Covid-19 vaccination, fear of COVID-19 and female sexual satisfaction among a sample of Lebanese women: A pilot study

Beatrice Hawila, Diana Malaeb, Souheil Hallit, Sahar Obeid
Abstract 350 | PDF Downloads 321

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Protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis on randomized clinical trials for direct oral anticoagulant in subjects with acute coronary syndrome

Israa Y El- Khidir, Asim Ahmed Elnour, Abdulla Al Amoodi, Abrar Ayad Alrashdi, Haifa Hamoud Almansour, Teif Abdulkarim Almarwani, Shahad Fayad Alrwili, Shahad Fayad Alrowaili, Shouq Lutfi Al Khudhairy, Asma Faisal Alshammari, Adel Sadeq, Nadia Al Mazrouei, Khalid Awad Al-Kubaisi, Hala Yousif EL Khidir, Maisoun Alkaabi, Afaf Ashoor
Abstract 397 | PDF Downloads 409

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Mini review: The clinical avenues of combined hydralazine-nitrate in subjects with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

Asim Ahmed Elnour, Adel Sadeq, Azza Ramadan, Abdalla Alamoodi, Alin Alkawarit, Asma Faisal Alshammari, Israa Yousif Elkhidir, Nouf Eid Alrashidi, Parisa kouhgard, Mariam Mohamed Al Qahtani, Semira Abdi Beshir, Khalid Awad Al-Kubaisi, Nadia Al Mazrouei, Maisoun Alkaabi, Afaf Ashoor
Abstract 425 | PDF Downloads 343

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