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  • Distribution of ACE gene I/D genotypes and clinical characteristics of patients with hypertension and COVID-19 in Indonesia

    Ingrid Faustine, Deli Marteka, Lisa Amelia, Shellinna Kurniawati, Amarila Malik, Retnosari Andrajati, Septelia Inawati Wanandi, Eko Supriyanto
    Abstract 257 | PDF Downloads 100

    Page 1-13

  • Prevalence of alcoholic hepatitis and corticosteroid resistance in urban south indians: a cross-sectional study

    Navakanth Raju Ramayanam, Vijayakumar Thangavel Mahalingam, Rajeshan Nanda Amarnath
    Abstract 537 | PDF Downloads 197

    Page 1-5

  • Factors affecting the outcomes in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients at an Army Central Hospital

    Nunik U Nurwulandari, Zulfan Zazuli, Retno Wihastuti, Pratiwi Wikaningtyas
    Abstract 1028 | PDF Downloads 214

    Page 1-16

  • Cross-Sectional Assessment of Pharmacy Students’ Knowledge and Perception of Drug-Drug Interactions with Over the Counter Products

    Rana Abutaima, Rana ABUFARHA, Samar THIAB, Hamza ALHAMAD, Fares ALBAHAR
    Abstract 1874 | PDF Downloads 350

    Page 1-8

  • Hepatitis B virus infection, structure, genotypes, and epidemiology - A review

    Bader S Alotaibi
    Abstract 1774 | PDF Downloads 447

    Page 1-9

  • Perception of Jordanian pharmacy students towards community pharmacy-virtual training experience during COVID-19 outbreak

    Muna Barakat, Raja'a Al-Qudah, Rana Abu Farha, Husam A. ALSalamat, Feras Darwish El-Hajji, Amal Akour
    Abstract 476 | PDF Downloads 421

    Page 1-9

  • Analysis of the clinical practice of the pharmacist in a community pharmacy: A Cross-sectional Study from Brazil

    Marcos Felipe Rodrigues de Souza, Maria Pantoja Moreira de Sena, Camila Martins Oliveira, Clarisse Andrade Sales, Renato Bruno Cavalcante de Melo, Luann Wendel Pereira de Sena
    Abstract 638 | PDF Downloads 613

    Page 2658

  • Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Patients with Diabetes towards Diabetic Nephropathy, Neuropathy and Retinopathy

    Nada Dia, Sara Ferekh, Stephanie Jabbour, Zeina Akiki, Mohamad Rahal, Maya Khoury, Marwan Akel
    Abstract 1386 | pdf Downloads 1087

    Page 2608

  • Prevention of coronavirus contamination from the environment using an air-cleaning closed system drug-transfer device

    Maya Amichay, Ortal Shimon, Eitan Raveh
    Abstract 1979 | pdf Downloads 554

    Page 2576

  • What drives pharmacists’ turnover intention: A systematic review

    Su Myat Thin, Tulakarn Nakpun, Sujin Nitadpakorn, Bernard A Sorofman, Tanattha Kittisopee
    Abstract 1938 | pdf Downloads 1081

    Page 2559

  • The competency of Indonesian pharmacy students in handling a self-medication request for a cough: a simulated patient study

    Cecilia Brata, Steven V. Halim, Eko Setiawan, Bobby Presley, Yosi I. Wibowo, Carl R. Schneider
    Abstract 1211 | pdf Downloads 586 online appendix Downloads 62

    Page 2269

  • Training and standardization of simulated patients for multicentre studies in clinical pharmacy education

    Karina A. Resende, Afonso M. Cavaco, Márcia A. Luna-Leite, Bianca R. Acacio, Núbia N. Pinto, Maria D. Neta, Angelita C. Melo
    Abstract 1368 | pdf Downloads 646 online appendix Downloads 71

    Page 2038

  • Community pharmacists’ recommendations for natural products for stress in Melbourne, Australia: a simulated patient study

    Kevin Clayton, Yoni Luxford, Joshua Colaci, Meral Hasan, Rebecca Miltiadou, Daria Novikova, Dean Vlahopoulos, Ieva Stupans
    Abstract 1223 | pdf Downloads 574 online appendix Downloads 80

    Page 1660

  • Use of secret simulated patient followed by workshop based education to assess and improve inhaler counseling in community pharmacy in Jordan

    Eman R. Elayeh, Eman A. Hammad, Razan H. Tubeileh, Iman A. Basheti
    Abstract 3705 | pdf Downloads 414

    Page 1661

  • Antibiotic prescribing for acute uncomplicated cystitis in Lebanese community pharmacies using a simulated patient

    Sally G. Yaacoub, Valerie Koyess, Nathalie Lahoud, Deema Rahme, Nicole Francis, Nadine Saleh, Patrick Maison
    Abstract 1132 | pdf Downloads 657 online appendix Downloads 75

    Page 1604

  • Assessing hormonal contraceptive dispensing and counseling provided by community pharmacists in the United Arab Emirates: a simulated patient study

    Dalal M. Mobarak, Moawia M. Al-Tabakha, Sanah Hasan
    Abstract 11539 | pdf Downloads 694 Online appendix Downloads 113

    Page 1465

  • The provision of advice by pharmacy staff in eastern Indonesian community pharmacies

    Cecilia Brata, Carl R. Schneider, Brahmaputra Marjadi, Rhonda M. Clifford
    Abstract 1463 | pdf Downloads 559

    Page 1452

  • Assessment of diarrhea treatment and counseling in community pharmacies in Baghdad, Iraq: A simulated patient study

    Inas R. Ibrahim, Subish Palaian, Mohamed I. Ibrahim
    Abstract 3029 | pdf Downloads 761

    Page 1313

  • Self-reported and actual involvement of community pharmacists in patient counseling: a cross-sectional and simulated patient study in Gondar, Ethiopia

    Abdrrahman S. Surur, Eyob Getachew, Ebsa Teressa, Bisrat Hailemeskel, Nurahmed S. Getaw, Daniel A. Erku
    Abstract 2014 | PDF Downloads 1360 online appendix Downloads 715

    Page 890

  • Management of musculoskeletal pain in retail drug outlets within a Nigerian community: a descriptive study

    Samirah N. Abdu-Aguye, Aishatu Shehu, Ubaidullah I. Ahmad
    Abstract 1595 | PDF Downloads 1192

    Page 873

  • Evaluating community pharmacy practice in Qatar using simulated patient method: acute gastroenteritis management

    Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Subish Palaian, Fatima Al-Sulaiti, Somia El-Shami
    Abstract 2663 | PDF Downloads 1400

    Page 800

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