Prevalence of alcoholic hepatitis and corticosteroid resistance in urban south indians: a cross-sectional study

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Navakanth Raju Ramayanam
Vijayakumar Thangavel Mahalingam
Rajeshan Nanda Amarnath


alcoholic hepatitis, corticosteroid resistance, urban south Indians, prevalence


Objective: Alcoholic hepatitis (AH) is a severe liver disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Urban South Indians face unique socio-demographic characteristics and lifestyle choices that may increase their susceptibility to AH. Understanding the prevalence of AH and factors contributing to corticosteroid resistance in this population is essential for effective management and treatment. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among early-stage AH patients in urban South India. Clinical and demographic data, including alcohol consumption patterns, disease severity, and laboratory parameters, were collected. The Lille Score, a validated tool for assessing corticosteroid response, was used to identify patients resistant to treatment. Statistical analyses, including descriptive and inferential statistics, were performed to determine AH prevalence and explore the association between corticosteroid resistance and clinical variables. Results: A total of 540 AH patients were included in the analysis. The non-responder group exhibited varying levels of different parameters throughout the study, with some improving and others remaining relatively stable. The findings provide insights into the progression and features of AH in non-responder patients over time. Conclusion: This study highlights the burden of AH and identifies factors associated with corticosteroid resistance in urban South Indians. The results have implications for clinical practice and public health interventions, emphasizing the need for early detection and targeted treatment strategies. Further research is warranted to enhance our understanding of AH management in diverse populations and regions.

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