Original Research

Attitudes and beliefs of patients and primary caregivers towards deprescribing in a tertiary health care facility

Narayan GAURANG, Rajendran PRIYADHARSINI, Kandan BALAMURUGESAN, Mathiyalagen PRAKASH, Devanathan REKA
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Pharmacists’ roles in mental healthcare: Past, present and future

Sarira El-den, Jack C. Collins, Timothy F. Chen, Claire L. O’Reilly
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Treatment satisfaction and its association with anxiety, depression and fear of COVID-19 among Lebanese inpatients with schizophrenia

Zeinab Bitar, Chadia Haddad, Sahar Obeid, Souheil Hallit
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Home medicines reviews: a national survey of Australian accredited pharmacists’ health service time investment

Marea Patounas, Esther T. Lau, Vincent Chan, Deborah Rigby, Gregory J. Kyle, Jyoti Khatri, Arjun Poudel, Lisa M. Nissen
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Monitoring the transition of patients on biologics in rheumatoid arthritis: Consensus guidance for pharmacists

Denis Choquette, Jonathan Chan, Mohammad Bardi, Carolyn Whiskin, Gabriel Torani, Brennan K. Smith, Aaron Sihota
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The Evaluation of home medication review for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus by community pharmacists: a randomised controlled trial

M. Rozaini Rosli, Chin F. Neoh, David B. Wu, Nazariah W. Hassan, Mahani Mahmud, Afifah Rahimi, Mahmathi Karuppannan
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Preferences based interventions to address the use of antibiotics without prescription: a discrete choice experiment

Johanna Aponte-González , Paul Brown, Javier Eslava-Schmalbach
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Impact of pharmacist-led care on glycaemic control of patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes: a randomised controlled trial in Nigeria

Emmanuel A. David, Rebecca O. Soremekun , Isaac O. Abah , Roseline I. Aderemi-Williams
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Self-reported vs RUCA rural-urban classification among North Carolina pharmacists

Micah E. Castle, Casey R. Tak
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Physical activity promotion in community pharmacies: pharmacists’ attitudes and behaviours

Ruben Viegas, Cristina A. Godinho, Sónia Romano
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Are professional pharmacy services being offered for free in pharmacies? A feasibility study exploring the use of a time motion study in New Zealand

Yasmin Abdul Aziz, Susan J. Heydon, Stephen B. Duffull, Carlo A. Marra
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Participants’ perceptions of a residency teaching certificate program: the quality, impact and benefits

Lindsey Peters, Brittany Long, Emily Eddy , Kayli Kuhn, Chelsea Huppert
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Immunization training for pharmacy students: a student-centered evaluation

Shaylee Mills, Lynne Emmerton, Tin F. Sim
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Implementation of pharmacist-led services in primary care: A mixed-methods exploration of pharmacists’ perceptions of a national educational resource package

Kate Preston, Natalie M. Weir, Tanja Mueller, Rosemary Newham, Marion Bennie
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Measuring the proportion of time spent on work activities of clinical pharmacists using work sampling technique at a public hospital in Malaysia

Kian K. Kong, Siew C. Ong, Guat S. Ooi, Mohamed A. Hassali
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Page 2469

Pharmacy student-assisted medication reconciliation: Number and types of medication discrepancies identified by pharmacy students

Louise Deep, Carl R. Schneider, Rebekah Moles, Asad E. Patanwala, Linda L. Do, Rosemary Burke, Jonathan Penm
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