Original Research

Community pharmacy-based medication therapy management services: financial impact for patients

Sarah E. Dodson, Janelle F. Ruisinger, Patricia A. Howard, Sarah E. Hare, Brian J. Barnes
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Page 119-124

Disclosure and adverse effects of complementary and alternative medicine used by hospitalized patients in the North East of England

Nusirat Bello, Win Winit-Watjana, Wasim Baqir, Kenneth McGarry
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Page 125-135

Evaluation of angiotensin II receptor blockers for drug formulary using objective scoring analytical tool

Lim M. Tsuey, Mohamed I. Ibrahim
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The importance of health literacy in the development of ‘Self Care’ cards for community pharmacies in Ireland

Diarmuid Coughlan, Laura Sahm, Stephen Byrne
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Page 143-150

Exploring long term implementation of cognitive services in community pharmacies - a qualitative study

Susanne Kaae, Søren T. Christensen
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Page 151-158

Bioidentical hormone therapy: Nova Scotia pharmacists’ knowledge and beliefs

Anne M. Whelan, Jean-Pierre Thebeau, Tannis M. Jurgens, Eileen Husrt
Abstract 1382 | PDF Downloads 684

Page 159-167

Knowledge of folic acid and counseling practices among Ohio community pharmacists

Claire R. Rodrigues, Natalie A. DiPietro
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Page 168-172

Impact of a clinical pharmacist on a cardiovascular surrogate endpoint: a pilot study

Toni L. Ripley, Thomas A. Hennebry, Tiffany N. Sanders, Donald Harrison, R C. Rathbun
Abstract 1771 | PDF Downloads 823

Page 173-179