Conceptualization, development, and evaluation of ‘pharmaceutical product development’ graduate program within pharmacy discipline

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Graduate program, Program effectiveness, Curriculum design, Curriculum development, Graduate competencies


Objective: Designing a region’s need-based programs can be an exceptional complement boosting the knowledge economy of the country. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is increasingly focusing on the pharma and biotech sectors. As a result, there have been increasing demands for qualifications in pharmacy education to fit into higher roles in pharmaceutical industries and multinational companies (MNCs) in the region. Method: This study is a case demonstration that details the design processes authors used for the graduate program ‘Pharmaceutical Product Development’. Results: The three stages in program positioning; identifying the need for the new program, program design, and development, and program effectiveness are illustrated in this manuscript. Conclusion: The authors believe that this manuscript serves as a valuable resource for novice curriculum developers in the development of new educational programs.

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