Pharmacy Practice is a peer-reviewed journal. To make this process work properly, is necessary to count with a wide pool of prestigious peer-reviewers, experts in different areas in journal’s scope. Pharmacy Practice has created a peer-reviewer selection process based on searching in PubMed for articles closely related to the manuscript to evaluate (see a description of this reviewers’ selection process). We aim ensuring the expertise of reviewer in the specific topic.

Peer-reviewers are contacted by email, and full text manuscript (including author identification) is provided after accepting the review. In no more than four weeks, reviewer should send the editor a confidential opinion on the manuscript reviewed and some comments to be sent to authors. Editor decides if manuscript is accepted or it needs some major or minor modifications. Authors should submit the new version in no more than four weeks, and the new version is reviewed by the same peer-reviewers than the original version. To know more about the reviewing process, click here.

If you desire to join us as peer-reviewer in Pharmacy Practice, register here. Working as a peer-reviewer in Pharmacy Practice has not any of remuneration. See the List of Reviewers who have collaborated in Pharmacy Practice.

Pharmacy Practice’s editorial and peer-review process

This editorial process usually takes between three to five months. All the papers submitted to Pharmacy Practice undergo a peer-review process consisting:

  1. Preliminary review by the Editorial Board checking the formal requirements and fitness to Pharmacy Practice scope.
  2. Sending the paper to one or more peer-reviewers with expertise in the paper’s area.
  3. Waiting for reviewers’ comments which may include confidential comments to the editor (including reviewer’s opinion on paper acceptance), and reviewer’s comments to be reported to the authors.
  4. Based on reviewers’ comments, but also in Editorial Board opinion on relevance and innovation, a decision is made: accepted, accepted with minor modifications, major modifications needed, or rejection.
  5. Decision is communicated to the authors. If minor or major modifications are needed, a 4 weeks period is allowed to correct the paper and re-submit it. When decision was ‘major modifications needed’, paper should undergo a new peer-review process.
  6. After accepting a paper, it should be formatted to the typical Pharmacy Practice layout. Galley proofs are sent to the authors to check them for errors.