Original Research

Evaluating the impact of new anticoagulants in the hospital setting

Nady Braidy, Khai Bui, Beata Bajorek
Abstract 1066 | PDF Downloads 614

Page 1-10

Evaluation of pharmacy students’ clinical interventions on a general medicine practice experience

Jocelyn D. Jones, Sylvia H. Jackson, Aisha Gomez, Christie Hollinger, Gayle Rivers
Abstract 2014 | PDF Downloads 835

Page 11-15

Defining bioidentical hormones for menopause-related symptoms

Anne M. Whelan, Tannis M. Jurgens, Melanie Trinacty
Abstract 1380 | PDF Downloads 817

Page 16-22

Comparison of prescribing and dispensing processes between veterinarians and pharmacists in New Zealand: Are there opportunities for cooperation?

Arlene McDowell, Lauren Assink, Rebecca Musgrave, Hannah Soper, Chantal Chantal, Pauline Norris
Abstract 911 | PDF Downloads 694

Page 23-30

Hyperlipidemia medication management in patients admitted for a myocardial infarction

Jerrica E. Shuster, Meghan N. Jeffres, Sean M. Barclay, Ragini Bhakta
Abstract 1617 | PDF Downloads 767

Page 31-36

Evaluation of the community pharmacist’s behavior towards a prescription of antidiabetic and antiasthma drugs

Muaed J. Alomar, Shareef Qandil, Hanan M. Al-Hilwani, Dima M. Malkat, Claire Caroline
Abstract 2093 | PDF Downloads 789

Page 37-43

Unlocking the condoms: The effect on sales and theft

Daniel Ashwood, Karen B. Farris, Shelly Campo, Mary L. Aquilino, Mary Losch
Abstract 1218 | PDF Downloads 625

Page 44-47

RETRACTED BY PLAGIARISM - Highly active antiretroviral therapy induced adverse drug reactions in Indian human immunodeficiency virus positive patients

Radhakrishnan Rajesh, Sudha Vidyasagar, Krishnadas Nandakumar
Abstract 1369 | PDF Downloads 737

Page 48-55