Is my paper relevant for an international audience?

Fernando Fernandez-Llimos
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Original Research

Patient experience with clinical pharmacist services in Travis County Federally Qualified Health Centers

Jennifer Shin, Leticia Moczygemba, Jamie C. Barner, Aida Garza, Sara Linedecker-Smith, Maaya Srinivasa
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Page 1751

Preparing for the next generation pharmacists

Joseph T. DiPiro
Abstract 1139 | pdf Downloads 469

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Training upcoming academicians through interviews of pharmacy resident teaching certificate leaders

Emily Eddy, Brittany Long, Lindsey Peters, Jennifer Grundey, Michelle Musser, Karielle Shaffery
Abstract 786 | pdf Downloads 358

Page 1769

Inpatient prescribing of dual antiplatelet therapy according to the guidelines: a prospective intervention study

Ashwin R. Moerlie, Renate C. van Uden, Aukje K. Mantel, Patricia van den Bemt, Matthijs L. Becker
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Barriers to healthcare access for Arabic-speaking population in an English-speaking country

Ali A. Al Jumaili, Kawther Khalid Ahmed, Dave Koch
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Exploring learning needs for general practice based pharmacist: Are behavioural and influencing skills needed?

Chris F. Johnson, Jan Smith, Heather Harrison, Richard Hassett
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The impact of a self-management educational program coordinated through WhatsApp on diabetes control

Muaed Al Omar, Sanah Hasan, Subish Palaian, Shrouq Mahameed
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Work fatigue among Lebanese community pharmacists: prevalence and correlates

Deema Rahme, Nathalie Lahoud, Hala Sacre, Marwan Akel, Souheil Hallit, Pascale Salameh
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Page 1844

Cost of hospitalisation and length of stay due to hypoglycaemia in patients with diabetes mellitus: a cross-sectional study

Abdallah Y. Naser, Hassan Alwafi, Zahra Alsairafi
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Page 1847

Evaluation of risk factors and drug adherence in the occurrence of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation

Maya Hajj, Roula Ajrouche, Salam Zein, Samar Rachidi, Sanaa Awada, Amal Al-Hajje
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Exploring Australian pharmacists’ perceptions and attitudes toward codeine up-scheduling from over-the-counter to prescription only

Melanie McKenzie, Jacinta Johnson , Karen Anderson, Richard Summers, Pene Wood
Abstract 2855 | pdf Downloads 433

Page 1904

Prevalence of tablet splitting in a Brazilian tertiary care hospital

Vivianne V. Melo, Gessyka R. Pereira, Amanda Q. Soares, Izabel C. Silva, Stephania F. Taveira, Marcílio Cunha-Filho, Ricardo N. Marreto
Abstract 1306 | pdf Downloads 375

Page 1910

Prescribers’ perceptions of benefits and limitations of direct acting oral anticoagulants in non-valvular atrial fibrillation

Daria Generalova, Scott Cunningham, Stephen J. Leslie, Gordon F. Rushworth, Laura McIver, Derek Stewart
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Letters to the Editor

Advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPE) in academia as strategy to fill the gap on transgender health

Jonathan Figueroa-Colon, Mayra Vega Gerena
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International Series

Community pharmacy and primary health care in Sweden - at a crossroads

Tommy Westerlund, Bertil Marklund
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Page 1927

Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Australia

Sarah Dineen-Griffin, Shalom I. Benrimoj , Victoria Garcia-Cardenas
Abstract 3370 | pdf Downloads 1722

Page 1967

Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Spain

Miguel A. Gastelurrutia, Maria J. Faus, Fernando Martinez-Martinez
Abstract 1822 | pdf Downloads 712

Page 1999

Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Lebanon

Souheil Hallit, Carla Abou Selwan, Pascale Salameh
Abstract 1747 | pdf Downloads 606

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