What is ‘pharmaceutical care’ in 2013?

J. W. F. van Mil, Fernando Fernandez-Llimos
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Original Research

Assessment of community pharmacists’ counselling skills on headache management by using the simulated patient approach: a pilot study

Ana P. Santos, Alessandra R. Mesquita, Karolline S. Oliveira, Divaldo P. Lyra, Jr
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Case management of malaria fever at community pharmacies in Pakistan; a threat to rational drug use

Madeeha Malik, Mohamed A. Hassali, Asrul A. Shafie, Azhar Hussain, Hisham Aljadhey, Fahad Saleem
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Use of non-formulary drugs in children at a Brazilian teaching hospital: a descriptive study

Mariana Y. Tramontina, Isabela Heineck, Luciana dos Santos
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Prevalence and control of hypertension in a Niger Delta semi urban community, Nigeria

Ismail A. Suleiman, Ebubechukwu O. Amogu, Kehinde A. Ganiyu
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Demonstration of anticoagulation patient self-testing feasibility at an Indian Health Service facility: A case series analysis

Ryan R. Schupbach, John M. Bousum, Michael J. Miller
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A bibliometric study of publication patterns in rational use of medicines in Iran

Sarah Mousavi, Ava Mansouri, Alireza Ahmadvand
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Implementing ward based clinical pharmacy services in an Ethiopian University Hospital

Alemayehu B. Mekonnen, Elias A. Yesuf, Peggy S. Odegard, Sultan S. Wega
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Book Comments

Information Technology: An Integrated Approach

Stephen Goundrey-Smith
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