Medication adherence: a review of pharmacy education, research, practice and policy in Finland

J. Simon Bell, Hannes Enlund, Kristi Vainio
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Page 147-161

Original Research

Impact of an educational intervention on steroid prescribing and dosing effect on patient outcomes in COPD exacerbations

Nancy H. Hope, Shaunta’ M. Ray, Andrea S. Franks, Eric Heidel
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Page 162-166

Physicians’ generic drug prescribing behavior in district hospitals: a case of Phitsanulok, Thailand

Pinyupa Plianbangchang, Kanchalee Jetiyanon, Charawee Suttaloung, Lalida Khumchuen
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Page 167-172

Impact of emergency contraception status on unintended pregnancy: observational data from a women’s health practice

Nalin Payakachat, Denise Ragland, Cherri Houston
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Page 173-178

Pattern and quality of scientific communications on drug safety produced by a regional pharmacovigilance center in Nepal

Subish Palaian, Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Pranaya Mishra
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Page 179-186

Patients’ blood pressure knowledge, perceptions and monitoring practices in community pharmacies

Jennifer Y. Lam, Lisa M. Guirguis
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Page 187-192

Influence of population and general practice characteristics on prescribing of minor tranquilisers in primary care

Andrew C. Wagner, Mark Hann, Darren M. Ashcroft
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Page 193-200

Pattern of adverse drug reactions reported by the community pharmacists in Nepal

Subish Palaian, Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Pranaya Mishra
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Page 201-207