Attitudes towards continuous professional development: a study of pharmacists in Lebanon

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Sylvia Saadeh
Fatima Ghazale
Ali Farhat
Souheil Hallit



Objective: To investigate the views and assess motivation, attitudes of pharmacists in Lebanon towards mandatory continuous education (CE), its transition to Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and identify barriers to participation in CPD.

Methods: A cross-sectional observational study, conducted between February and May 2017, enrolled 591 pharmacists. The questionnaire used in this study was developed after an extensive literature review and based on previous similar studies in different countries.

Results: Half of the pharmacists who completed the questionnaire agreed that all the factors that were mentioned in the questionnaire motivated completing CPD, whereas 55.4% felt confident that CPD meets their needs. 78.4% felt confident in their abilities to assess what they have learned. 71.6% felt confident in their abilities to assess what additional CPD activity may be necessary. The majority of the pharmacists agreed that accessibility of group learning activities (location/distance) (69.6%), job restrictions (76.3%) and lack of time (80.6%) were the most essential barriers against participation in CPD. Motivation was significantly and positively correlated with attitude (r= 0.718), but negatively correlated with barriers (r= -0.243). Attitude was significantly and negatively correlated with barriers (r= -0.120).

Conclusion: Our findings contribute to informing the forward pathway for the profession. Attitude and motivation to CPD were positive in this study. Accessibility of group learning activities due to distance and location, job restrictions and lack of time were the major barriers to participation in CPD. Potential solutions can be sought to address these issues.

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