Pharmacy Practice 2018 contents

Pharmacy Practice Vol 16, No 1 (2018)

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Fernando Fernandez-Llimos; Pharmacy Practice 2017 peer reviewers

Development and Validation of a Survey Instrument to Measure Factors that Influence Pharmacist Prescribing
Lisa M. Guirguis, Christine A. Hughes, Mark J. Makowsky, Cheryl A. Sadowski, Theresa J. Schindel, Nese Yukesel, Chowdhury F. Faruquee

Type B adverse drug reactions reported by an immunoallergology department
Maria J. Costa, Maria T. Herdeiro, Jorge J. Polónia, Inês Ribeiro-Vaz, Cármen Botelho, Eunice Castro, Josefina Cernadas

Satisfaction of patients receiving value added-services compared to traditional counter service for prescription refills in Malaysia
Boon-Tiang Lau, Abdul-Rani Nurul-Nadiah-Auni, Siew-Yen Ng, Shuen Nie Wong

Health literacy and knowledge in a cohort of Australian patients taking warfarin
Angela Yiu, Beata V. Bajorek

Attitudes towards continuous professional development: a study of pharmacists in Lebanon
Sylvia Saadeh, Fatima Ghazale, Ali Farhat, Souheil Hallit

An assessment of the impact of entrepreneurial skills of community pharmacists on pharmaceutical business performance in Jos metropolis, Nigeria
EIyeseun O. Asieba, Teresa M. Nmadu

Factors associated with smoking cessation success in Lebanon
Zeina A. Bacha, Nelly Layoun, Georges Khayat, Souheil Hallit

Challenges and opportunities of clinical pharmacy services in Ethiopia: a qualitative study from healthcare practitioners’ perspective
Henok G. Tegegn, Ousman A. Abdela, Abebe B. Mekuria, Akshaya S. Bhagavathula, Asnakew A. Ayele

Nigerian pharmacists’ self-perceived competence and confidence to plan and conduct pharmacy practice research
Usman Abubakar, Syed A. Sulaiman, Mohammed N. Usman, Muhammad D. Umar.


Pharmacy Practice Vol 16, No 2 (2018)

Differences and similarities between Journal Impact Factor and CiteScore
Fernando Fernandez-Llimos

Impact of printed antimicrobial stewardship recommendations on early intravenous to oral antibiotics switch practice in district hospitals
Wei Thing Sze, Mei Chieng Kong

Pharmaceutical care in community pharmacies in Jordan: a public survey
Tareq L. Mukattash, Noor H. Bazzi, Khawla Q. Nuseir, Anan S. Jarab, Rana K. Abu-Farha, Maher R. Khdour

Assessing Continuing Education Practices and Preferences amongst Lebanese Hospital Pharmacists
Katia Iskandar, Etwal Bou Raad, Souheil Hallit, Nibal Chamoun, Ulfat Usta, Youssef Akiki, Lamis R. Karaoui, Pascale Salameh, Rony M. Zeenny

Evaluating glycemic control for patient-aligned care team clinical pharmacy specialists at a large Veterans Affairs medical center
Jessica Gardea, James Papadatos, Richard Cadle

Community pharmacists’ perceptions towards online health information in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
See W. Ong, Mohamed A. Hassali, Fahad Saleem

A cross-sectional survey on cold chain management of vaccines in Cebu, Philippines
Patrisha L. Maglasang, Ma L. Butalid, Maria F. Pastoril, Antonius N. Pratama, Elizabeth Y. Tan

What drives using antibiotic without prescriptions? A qualitative interview study of university students in United Arab Emirates
Khalid A. Al-Kubaisi, Mark De Ste Croix, Don Vinson, Liz Ellis, Suleiman I. Sharif, Abduelmula R. Abduelkarem

Magnitude and determinants of uncontrolled blood pressure among hypertensive patients in Ethiopia: hospital based observational study
Tadesse M. Abegaz, Ousman A. Abdela, Akshaya S. Bhagavathula, Fitsum S. Teni

Communicating risk of medication side-effects: role of communication format on risk perception
Ruta Sawant, Sujit Sansgiry

Assessing adherence to current national guidelines for appropriate albumin use at an academic medical center
Angelina M. Castillo, Jamie Natkowski, Georgina Rubal-Peace

An initial exploration of the perceptions of preparedness to practise among Saudi Arabian trained hospital pharmacists
Luma Ameer, Katie MacLure, Antonella Tonna, Derek Stewart

Paediatric antimicrobial stewardship and safe prescribing-an assessment of medical staff knowledge and behaviour
Mona Mostaghim, Tom Snelling, Hala Katf, Beata Bajorek


Pharmacy Practice Vol 16, No 3 (2018)

Resource-based theory of competitive advantage – a framework for pharmacy practice innovation research
David A. Holdford

Source of medicines and medicine information by self-reported persons living with hypertension and diabetes in rural and urban Ghana
Mercy N. Opare-Addo, Kwame O. Buabeng, Afia F. Marfo, Francis A. Osei, Ellis Owusu-Dabo, Daniel Ansong, Berko P. Anto, Joseph M. Boaheng, Isaac Nyanor

Knowledge of pharmacists and parents towards antibiotic use in pediatrics: a cross-sectional study in Lebanon
Lama Zahreddine, Souheil Hallit, Shadia Shakaroun, Amal Al-Hajje, Sanaa Awada, Nathalie Lahoud

Evaluation of a vancomycin dosing nomogram in obese patients weighing at least 100 kilograms
Riley D. Bowers, April A. Cooper, Catherine L. Wente

Falls in the elderly: assessment of prevalence and risk factors
Suleiman I. El-Sharif, Alaa B. Al-Harbi, Alaa M. Al-Shihabi, Dana S. Al-Daour, Rubian S. Sharif

Measuring the health literacy level of Arabic speaking population in Saudi Arabia using translated health literacy instruments
Talal M. Alkhaldi, Ali A. Al Jumaili, Khalid A. Alnemer, Khalid Alharbi, Elharith S. Alakeel, Mohammed M. Alharbi, Othman Alshabanah, Abdullah B. Juwair, Abdullah Khoja

Assessing pet owner and veterinarian perceptions of need for veterinary compounding services in a community pharmacy setting
Shelby A. Bennett, Janelle F. Ruisinger, Emily S. Prohaska, Katelyn M. Steele, Brittany L. Melton

Potentially inappropriate medication use among older patients attending a geriatric centre in south-west Nigeria
Wuraola Akande-Sholabi, Lawrence A. Adebusoye, Olufemi O. Olowookere

Evaluation of a prompt card for community pharmacists performing consultations with patients on anticoagulation – lessons learned
Isabelle Arnet, Michael Holden, Sotiris Antoniou

Benzodiazepine and z-hypnotic prescribing from acute psychiatric inpatient discharge to long-term care in the community
Chris F. Johnson, Ola Ali Nassr, Catherine Harpur, David Kenicer, Alex Thom, Gazala Akram

Pain management in hospitals: patients’ satisfaction and related barriers
Samah Tawil, Katia Iskandar, Pascale Salameh

Knowledge, practice and attitudes regarding antibiotics use among Lebanese dentists
Hicham Mansour, Mireille Feghali, Nadine Saleh, Mona Zeitouny

Management of allergic rhinitis in the community pharmacy: identifying the reasons behind medication self-selection
Rachel Tan, Biljana Cvetkovski, Vicky Kritikos, Kwok Yan, David Price, Peter Smith, Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich

Erratum to: What drives using antibiotic without prescriptions? A qualitative interview study of university students in United Arab Emirates
Khalid A. Al-Kubaisi, Mark De Ste Croix, Don Vinson, Suleiman I. Sharif, Abduelmula R Abduelkarem

The Pharmacist Guide to Implementing Pharmaceutical Care
Fernando Fernandez-Llimos


Pharmacy Practice Vol 16, No 4 (2018)

Gender, age, and pharmacists’ job satisfaction
Manuel J. Carvajal, Ioana Popovici

Improving warfarin therapy through implementation of a hospital-based pharmacist managed clinic in Jamaica
Jodi Ann McKenzie, Cameil Wilson-Clarke, Jennifer Prout, Jacqueline Campbell, Rhea Danielle Douglas, Maxine Gossell-Williams

The effect of pramipexole extended release on the levodopa equivalent daily dose in Lebanese Parkinson diseased patients
Lama Faddoul, Bahia Chahine, Sahar Haydar, Sahar Abourida, Souheil Hallit, Etwal Bou Raad

Influence of self-efficacy management on adherence to self-care activities and treatment outcome among diabetes mellitus type 2 Sudanese patients
Fathi A. Amer, Malik S. Mohamed, Abubaker I. Elbur, Sulafa I. Abdelaziz, Zeinab A. Elrayah

Health promotion of bowel cancer and breast cancer screening in community pharmacies: Pharmacists’ perceptions of their role, knowledge and confidence
Marguerite C. Sendall, Liz Ostermann, Carolyn Brown, Laura McCosker

Evaluation of students’ attitudes towards pharmacist–physician collaboration in Brazil
Fernanda O. Prado, Kérilin S. Rocha, Dyego C. Araújo, Luiza C. Cunha, Tatiane C. Marques, Divaldo P. Lyra, Jr

A retrospective analysis of prescription medications as it correlates to falls for older adults
Katherine A. Lawson, Celeste M. Vinluan, Aida Oganesyan, Eugenia C. Gonzalez, Amanda Loya, Justin J. Strate

Evaluation of medication adherence among Lebanese diabetic patients
Lara Mroueh, Dana Ayoub, Maya El-Hajj, Sanaa Awada, Samar Rachidi, Salam Zein, Amal Al-Hajje

Swedish patients’ trust in the bioequivalence of interchangeable generics. What factors are important for low trust?
Erika Olsson, Karin Svensberg, Helle Wallach-Kildemoes, Emma Carlsson, Caroline Hällkvist, Susanne Kaae, Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong

Frequency of occurrence of medication discrepancies and associated risk factors in cases of acute hospital admission
Charlotte D. van der Luit, Iris R. de Jong, Marieke M. Ebbens, Sjoerd Euser, Sjoerd L. Verweij, Patricia M. van den Bemt, Hanneke M. Luttikhuis, Matthijs L. Becker

Pharmacists’ immunization experiences, beliefs, and attitudes in New Brunswick, Canada
Jennifer E. Isenor, Kathryn L. Slayter, Donna M. Halperin, Shelly A. McNeil, Susan K. Bowles

Assessment of diarrhea treatment and counseling in community pharmacies in Baghdad, Iraq: A simulated patient study
Inas R. Ibrahim, Subish Palaian, Mohamed I. Ibrahim

Development and validation of a scale to measure the quality of patient medication counseling using Rasch model
Van D. Tran, Valeria V. Dorofeeva, Ekaterina E. Loskutova