Pharmacy Practice 2017 contents

Pharmacy Practice Vol 15, No 1 (2017)

Network meta-analysis: a technique to gather evidence from direct and indirect comparisons
Fernanda S. Tonin, Inajara Rotta, Antonio M. Mendes, Roberto Pontarolo

Public knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding antibiotic use in Kosovo
Drita Zajmi, Merita Berisha, Ilir Begolli, Rina Hoxha, Rukije Mehmeti, Gjyle Mulliqi-Osmani, Arsim Kurti, Afrim Loku, Lul Raka

Assessment and use of drug information references in Utah pharmacies
Krystal L. Moorman, Elyse A. MacDonald, Anthony Trovato, Casey R. Tak

Impact of value added services on patient waiting time at the ambulatory pharmacy Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Benjamin C. Loh, Kheng F. Wah, Carolyn A. Teo, Nadia M. Khairudin, Fairena B. Fairuz, Jerry E. Liew

Situation analysis of community pharmacy owners in Lebanon
Souheil Hallit, Rony M. Zeenny, Georges Sili, Pascale Salameh

Medication reconciliation errors in a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia: admission discrepancies and risk factors
Faizan Mazhar, Shahzad Akram, Yousif A. Al-Osaimi, Nafis Haider

Management of musculoskeletal pain in retail drug outlets within a Nigerian community: a descriptive study
Samirah N. Abdu-Aguye, Aishatu Shehu, Ubaidullah I. Ahmad

Olanzapine for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting: systematic review and meta-analysis
Legese Chelkeba, Kidu Gidey, Ayele Mamo, Berhane Yohannes, Tsehay Matso, Tsegaye Melaku

Hospital and community pharmacists’ perception of the scope, barriers and challenges of pharmacy practice-based research in Nigeria
Titilayo O. Fakeye, Rasaq Adisa, Rahidat T. Olukotun, Paul K. Morawo

Psychometric properties of the Belief about Medicines Questionnaire (BMQ) in the Maltese language
Ingrid Gatt, Lorna M. West, Neville Calleja, Charles Briffa, Maria Cordina

Self-reported and actual involvement of community pharmacists in patient counseling: a cross-sectional and simulated patient study in Gondar, Ethiopia
Abdrrahman S. Surur, Eyob Getachew, Ebsa Teressa, Bisrat Hailemeskel, Nurahmed S. Getaw, Daniel A. Erku

Consumer views on safety of over-the-counter drugs, preferred retailers and information sources in Sweden: after re-regulation of the pharmacy market
Tommy Westerlund, Sahra Barzi, Cecilia Bernsten

Relationship between pharmacy residency examination rank and specialty choice for French pharmacy residency-admitted students
Olivier Fardel


Pharmacy Practice Vol 15, No 2 (2017)

Models and theories of prescribing decisions: A review and suggested a new model
Mohsen Ali Murshid, Zurina Mohaidin

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation to Brazil of the scale of attitudes toward physician-pharmacists collaboration
Luiza Cunha, Sabrina Neves, Tatiane C. Marques, Dyego Araujo, Thaciana Alcantara, Divaldo Lyra Jr

Vancomycin use, dosing and serum trough concentrations in the pediatric population: a retrospective institutional review
Kevin Rajon, Regis Vaillancourt, Nisha Varughese, Gilda Villarreal

Community pharmacy in Lebanon: A societal perspective
Katia Iskandar, Souheil Hallit, Etwal Bou Raad, Fida Drouby, Nelly Layoun, Pascale Salameh

Impact of a pharmacy technician-centered medication reconciliation program on medication discrepancies and implementation of recommendations
Sarah K. Kraus, Sanchita Sen, Michelle Murphy, Laura Pontiggia

Provider and patient perception of psychiatry patient health literacy
Opal Bacon, Amy VandenBerg, Meghan E. May

A community pharmacy-based cardiovascular risk screening service implemented in Iran
Zahra Jahangard Rafsanjani, Negar Hakimzadeh, Amir Sarayani, Sheyda Najafi, Kazem Heidari, Mohammad R. Javadi, Molouk Hadjibabaie, Kheirollah Gholami

Impact of co-investigators on pharmacy resident research publication
Paul M. Stranges, Scott M. Vouri

Assessment of attitudes and practices of young Malaysian adults about antibiotics use: a cross-sectional study
Mohamed A. Hassali, Mohammad Arief, Saleem Fahed, Muhammad U. Khan, Ahmed Akram, Warisha Mariam, Harika Bheemavarapu, Syed A. Iizhar

Nurses’ attitudes and behaviors on patient medication education
Jane F. Bowen, Melissa E. Rotz, Brandon J. Patterson, Sanchita Sen

Challenges in the management of community pharmacies in Malaysia
Boon P. Kho, Mohamed A. Hassali, Ching J. Lim, Fahad Saleem

Assessment of the rates and characteristics of the short-term supply of medication (Tider) from an integrated healthcare delivery system in the United States
Thomas Delate, Steven Wang

Feasibility of clinical pharmacist-led CYP2C19 genotyping for patients receiving non-emergent cardiac catheterization in an integrated health system
Samuel G. Johnson, Paul B. Shaw, Thomas Delate, Deanna L. Kurz, Dylon Gregg, John C. Darnell, Christina L. Aquilante

Effects of staff education and standardizing dosing and collection times on vancomycin trough appropriateness in ward patients
Drayton A. Hammond, Lexis N. Atkinson, Taylor B. James, Jacob T. Painter, Katherine Lusardi


Pharmacy Practice Vol 15, No 3 (2017)

Barriers to reporting of adverse drugs reactions: a cross sectional study among community pharmacists in United Kingdom
Ejaz Cheema, Abdul Haseeb, Tahir M. Khan, Paul Sutcliffe, Donald R. Singer

Impact of targeted educational interventions on appropriateness of stress ulcer prophylaxis in critically ill adults
Drayton A. Hammond, Catherine A. Killingsworth, Jacob T. Painter, Rose E. Pennick, Kshitij Chatterjee, Bradley Boye, Nikhil Meena

A qualitative study on pharmacists’ perception on integrating pharmacists into private general practitioner’s clinics in Malaysia
Pui S. Saw, Lisa Nissen, Christopher Freeman, Pei S. Wong, Vivienne Mak

Physician-pharmacist agreement about off-label use of medications in private clinical settings in Baghdad, Iraq
Saad A. Hussain, Ashwaq N. Abbas, Hasan A. Alhadad, Ali A. Al-Jumaili, Zainab S. Abdulrahman

Assessment of health seeking behaviour and self-medication among general public in the state of Penang, Malaysia
Omar T. Dawood, Mohamed A. Hassali, Fahad Saleem, Inas R. Ibrahim, Aseel H. Abdulameer, Hanan H. Jasim

Awareness of physicians and pharmacists of aldosterone antagonists in heart failure and myocardial infarction in Jordan
Fadia Mayyas, Khalid Ibrahim, Karem H. Alzoubi

The impact of drug related problems on health-related quality of life among hypertensive patients in Jordan
Rana Abu Farha, Akram Saleh, Salah Aburuz

Factors affecting pharmacy engagement and pharmacy customer devotion in community pharmacy: A structural equation modeling approach
Sujin Nitadpakorn, Karen B. Farris, Tanattha Kittisopee

The impact of pharmacist-led medication therapy management on medication adherence in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized controlled study
Daniel A. Erku, Asnakew A. Ayele, Abebe B. Mekuria, Sewunet A. Belachew, Bisrat Hailemeskel, Henok G. Tegegn

Medical and pharmacy students’ attitudes towards physician-pharmacist collaboration in Kuwait
Maram G. Katoue, Abdelmoneim I. Awad, Aishah Al-Jarallah, Ebaa Al-Ozairi, Terry L. Schwinghammer

Hospital discharge: What are the problems, information needs and objectives of community pharmacists? A mixed method approach
Lea D. Brühwiler, Kurt E. Hersberger, Monika Lutters.


Erratum to: Clinical pharmacist evaluation of medication inappropriateness in the emergency department of a teaching hospital in Malta
Lorna M. West, Maria Cordina, Scott Cunningham


Pharmacy Practice Vol 15, No 4 (2017)

Assessing appropriateness of drug therapy in older persons: Development and application of a medication assessment tool for long-term management of atrial fibrillation
Marise Gauci, Francesca Wirth, Liberato Camilleri, Lilian M. Azzopardi, Anthony Serracino-Inglott

Awareness of the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive among pharmaceutical companies’ professionals in the European Economic Area
Urszula Wlodarczak, Damian Swieczkowskki, Urszula Religioni, Milosz Jaguszewski, Jerzy Krysinski, Piotr Merks

Impact on process results of clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) applied to medication use: overview of systematic reviews
Walleri C. Reis, Aline F. Bonetti, Wallace E. Bottacin, Alcindo S. Reis, Jr, Thais T. Souza, Roberto Pontarolo, Cassyano J. Correr, Fernando Fernandez-Llimos

Indonesian pharmacists’ and pharmacy students’ attitudes towards collaboration with physicians
Adji P. Setiadi, Yosi Wibowo, Sylvi Irawati, Eko Setiawan, Bobby Presley, Sajni Gudka, Ari S. Wardhani

Baseline knowledge of potential pet toxins: a survey of pharmacists
Natalie W. Young, Kenneth Royal, Gigi S Davidson

Hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems scores relating to pain following the incorporation of clinical pharmacists into patient education prior to joint replacement surgery
Erik Hefti, Michael Remington, Charles Lavallee

Identification of inhaler technique errors with a routine procedure in Portuguese community pharmacy
M. Margarida Castel-Branco, Ana Fontes, Isabel V. Figueiredo

A qualitative exploration of hypertensive patients’ perception towards quality use of medication and hypertension management at the community level
Ching S. Tan, Mohamed A. Hassali, Chin F. Neoh, Fahad Saleem

Supporting shared decision-making and people’s understanding of medicines: An exploration of the acceptability and comprehensibility of patient information
Kathrine Gibson Smith, Jill L. Booth, Derek Stewart, Sharon Pfleger, Laura McIver, Katie MacLure