Pharmacy Practice 2016 contents

Pharmacy Practice Vol 14, No 1 (2016)

Women’s involvement in clinical trials: historical perspective and future implications
Natalie A. DiPietro Mager, Katherine A. Liu

Adherence to antiretroviral therapy and its determinants among persons living with HIV/AIDS in Bayelsa state, Nigeria
Ismail A. Suleiman, Andrew Momo

Associations between patient factors and medication adherence: A Jordanian experience
Iman A. Basheti, Sami Saqf el Hait, Eyad A. Qunaibi, Salah Aburuz, Nailya Bulatova

Determinants of self-medication with NSAIDs in a Portuguese community pharmacy
Ana P. Nunes, Isabel M. Costa, Filipa A. Costa

Predominant learning styles among pharmacy students at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil
Alexandra I. Czepula, Wallace E. Bottacin, Edson Hipólito Jr., Deise R. Baptista, Roberto Pontarolo, Cassyano J. Correr

Medication reconciliation at patient admission: a randomized controlled trial
Antonio E. Mendes, Natália F. Lombardi, Vânia M. Andrzejevski, Gibran Frandoloso, Cassyano J. Correr, Maurício Carvalho

Reliability assessment of a peer evaluation instrument in a team-based learning course
Joy Wahawisan, Miguel Salazar, Robin Walters, Fadi M. Alkhateeb, Omar F. Attarabeen

Inclusion of salt form on prescription medication labeling as a source of patient confusion: a pilot study
Dana J. McDougall, James D. Hoehns, Tara T. Feller, Savana J. Kriener, Matthew J. Witry

Inter-professional education unveiling significant association between asthma knowledge and inhaler technique
Iman A. Basheti, Salim A. Hamadi, Helen K. Reddel

Pharmacy students’ knowledge and attitudes about antibiotics in Kosovo
Albina Fejza, Zeqir Kryeziu, Kushtrim Kadrija, Malbora Musa


Pharmacy Practice Vol 14, No 2 (2016)

Evaluation of STAT medication ordering process in a community hospital
Hani Abdelaziz, Sandra Richardson, Kim Walsh, Jessica Nodzon, Barbara Schwartz

Role of the pharmacist in parenteral nutrition therapy: challenges and opportunities to implement pharmaceutical care in Kuwait
Maram G. Katoue, Dalal Al-Taweel

Immunosuppressive serum levels in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: pharmaceutical care contribution
Paulo M. Corrêa, Joice Zuckermann, Gustavo B. Fischer, Mauro S. Castro

Redesigning pictographs for patients with low health literacy and establishing preliminary steps for delivery via smart phones
Seth E. Wolpin, Juliet K. Nguyen, Jason J. Parks, Annie Y. Lam, Donald E. Morisky, Lara Fernando, Adeline Chu, Donna L. Berry

Improving pediatric liquid medication labeling of the hospital information system in Malaysia: qualitative analysis of pharmacists’ perceptions
Huan-Keat Chan, Mohamed A. Hassali, Ching J. Lim, Fahad Saleem, Norazila A. Ghani

Patients’ views on electronic patient information leaflets
Tora Hammar, Anna-Lena Nilsson, Bo Hovstadius

Assessment and management of serotonin syndrome in a simulated patient study of Australian community pharmacies
Brett MacFarlane, Jenny Bergin, Gregory M. Peterson

Old age, high risk medication, polypharmacy: a trilogy of risks in older patients with atrial fibrillation
Yishen Wang, Shamsher Singh, Beata Bajorek

Consumer access to clozapine in Australia: how does this compare to New Zealand and the United Kingdom?
Sally-Anne Knowles, Sara S. McMillan, Amanda J. Wheeler

Implementation and evaluation of a pharmacist-led hypertension management service in primary care: outcomes and methodological challenges
Beata Bajorek, Kate LeMay, Parker J. Magin, Christopher Roberts, Ines Krass, Carol L. Armour

A qualitative study exploring medicines use pattern and practice among general public in Malaysia
Omar T. Dawood, Mohamed A. Hassali, Fahad Saleem


Pharmacy Practice Vol 14, No 3 (2016)

Bradford’s law, the long tail principle, and transparency in Journal Impact Factor calculations
Fernando Fernandez-Llimos

Effects of a computerized provider order entry and a clinical decision support system to improve cefazolin use in surgical prophylaxis: a cost saving analysis
Lucas M. Okumura, Izelandia Veroneze, Celia I. Burgardt, Marta F. Fragoso

Prevalence and nature of off-label antibiotic prescribing for children in a tertiary setting: A descriptive study from Jordan
Tareq L. Mukattash, Wail A. Hayajneh, Shorok M. Ibrahim, Abeer Ayoub, Nehad Ayoub, Anan S. Jarab, Maher Khdour, Ammar Almaaytah

A qualitative study exploring physicians’ perceptions on the role of community pharmacists in Dubai
Ibrahim K. Rayes, Abduelmula R. Abduelkarem

Assessment of Texan pharmacists’ attitudes, behaviors, and preferences related to continuing pharmacy education
Fadi M. Alkhateeb, Omar F. Attarabeen, Sarah Alameddine

Patients’ perception of pharmaceutical services available in a community pharmacy among patients living in a rural area of the United Kingdom
Piotr Merks, Damian Swieczkowski, Milosz Jaguszewski

Purchasing Over-the-counter medicines from Australian pharmacy: What do the pharmacy customers value and expect?
Vincent Chan, Hung Tran

A pharmacy-based medication reconciliation and review program in hemodialysis patients: a prospective study
Nicholas J. Patricia, Edward F. Foote

Evaluation of pharmaceutical concerns in Germany: frequency and potential reasons
Gabriele Gradl, Eva-Maria Krieg, Martin Schulz

Pharmacists’ perceptions of advancing public health priorities through medication therapy management
Lucas M. Casserlie, Natalie A. DiPietro Mager

Chronic disease, medications and lifestyle: perceptions from a regional Victorian Aboriginal community
Melissa Deacon-Crouch, Isabelle Skinner, Mo Connelly, Joseph Tucci

Non-prescription dispensing of emergency oral contraceptives: Recommendations from the German Federal Chamber of Pharmacists [Bundesapothekerkammer].
Martin Schulz, Ralf Goebel, Claudia Schumann, Petra Zagermann-Muncke


Pharmacy Practice Vol 14, No 4 (2016)

Non-prescription proton-pump inhibitors for self-treating frequent heartburn: the role of the Canadian pharmacist
David Armstrong, Nardine Nakhla

Evaluating the practice of Iranian community pharmacists regarding oral contraceptive pills using simulated patients
Nazanin Foroutan, Fatemeh Dabaghzadeh

Evaluating community pharmacy practice in Qatar using simulated patient method: acute gastroenteritis management
Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Subish Palaian, Fatima Al-Sulaiti, Somia El-Shami

Potentially inappropriate prescribing and the risk of adverse drug reactions in critically ill older adults
Thamires B. Galli, Wálleri C. Reis, Vânia M. Andrzejevski

Immunosuppressive therapy after solid-organ transplantation: does the INTERMED identify patients at risk of poor adherence?
Laurent Michaud, Gundula Ludwig, Sylvie Berney, Stéphanie Rodrigues, Anne Niquille, Valérie Santschi, Anne-Sophie Favre, Anne-Catherine Lange, Annemieke A. Michels, Bernard Vrijens, Olivier Bugnon, Nathalie Pilon, Manuel Pascual, Jean-Pierre Venetz, Friedrich Stiefel, Marie P. Schneider

Simplification of HAART therapy on ambulatory HIV patients in Malaysia
Tineshwaran Velvanathan, Farida Islahudin, Benedict L. Sim, Nur A. Taha

Effects of the addition of acarbose to insulin and non-insulin regimens in veterans with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Sara A. Wettergreen, Shaila Sheth, Janeca Malveaux

Assessment of pharmacists’ delivery of public health services in rural and urban areas in Iowa and North Dakota
Mark Strand, Teri Undem, Gabrielle Anderson, andrea clarens, Xiyuan Liu

Analysis of ten years of publishing in Pharmacy Practice
Antonio E. Mendes, Fernanda S. Tonin, Fernando Fernandez-Llimos

Building intentions with the Theory of Planned Behaviour: the mediating role of knowledge and expectations in implementing new pharmaceutical services in Malaysia
Christine L. Tan, Vincent B. Gan, Fahad Saleem, Mohamed A. Hassali