Pharmacy Practice 2011 contents

Pharmacy Practice Vol 9, No 1 (2011)

Evaluating the impact of new anticoagulants in the hospital setting
Nady Braidy, Khai Bui, Beata Bajorek

Evaluation of pharmacy students’ clinical interventions on a general medicine practice experience
Jocelyn D. Jones, Sylvia H. Jackson, Aisha Gomez, Christie Hollinger, Gayle Rivers

Defining bioidentical hormones for menopause-related symptoms
Anne M. Whelan, Tannis M. Jurgens, Melanie Trinacty

Comparison of prescribing and dispensing processes between veterinarians and pharmacists in New Zealand: Are there opportunities for cooperation?
Arlene McDowell, Lauren Assink, Rebecca Musgrave, Hannah Soper, Chantal Chantal, Pauline Norris

Hyperlipidemia medication management in patients admitted for a myocardial infarction
Jerrica E. Shuster, Meghan N. Jeffres, Sean M. Barclay, Ragini Bhakta

Evaluation of the community pharmacist’s behavior towards a prescription of antidiabetic and antiasthma drugs
Muaed J. Alomar, Shareef Qandil, Hanan M. Al-Hilwani, Dima M. Malkat, Claire Caroline

Unlocking the condoms: The effect on sales and theft
Daniel Ashwood, Karen B. Farris, Shelly Campo, Mary L. Aquilino, Mary Losch

RETRACTED BY PLAGIARISM – Highly active antiretroviral therapy induced adverse drug reactions in Indian human immunodeficiency virus positive patients
Radhakrishnan Rajesh, Sudha Vidyasagar, Krishnadas Nandakumar


Pharmacy Practice Vol 9, No 2 (2011)

Medication adherence and glycemic control in patients with psychotic disorders in the Veterans Affairs healthcare system
Leigh A. Nelson, Maqual R. Graham, Cameron C. Lindsey, Rafia S. Rasu

Pharmacist attire and its impact on patient preference
Erika Cretton-Scott, Leah Johnson, Sean R. King

Medication adherence among ambulatory patients with type 2 diabetes in a tertiary healthcare setting in southwestern Nigeria
Rasaq Adisa, Titilayo O. Fakeye, Adesoji Fasanmade

Index of Learning Styles in a U.S. School of Pharmacy
Colleen J. Teevan, Michael Li, Lauren S. Schlesselman

Detecting pre-diabetes and the role of the pharmacist
Steven Simoens, Sandra De Coster, Jan Lenie, Veronique Hayen, Gert Laekeman

Qualification, knowledge and experience of dispensers working at community pharmacies in Pakistan
Azhar Hussain, Mohamed I. Ibrahim

A pre- post-evaluation of implementing an inpatient warfarin monitoring and education program
Edward P. Armstrong, Lucy Chemodurow, Shanna Christensen, E. Suzanne Johnson

Pharmacy intervention on antimicrobial management of critically ill patients
Immanuel Ijo, Jeffrey Feyerharm

The impact of pharmaceutical care on patients with hypertension and their pharmacists
Agnieszka Skowron, Sebastian Polak, Jerzy Brandys


Pharmacy Practice Vol 9, No 3 (2011)

Venlafaxine and desvenlafaxine in the management of menopausal hot flashes
Emily D. Johnson, Dana G. Carroll

The impact of a pharmacist assisted clinic upon medication adherence and quality of life in mental health patients
Mitsi H. Lizer, Sarah A. Parnapy Jawaid, Wallace A. Marsh, Lakuma Mogili

Itinerant vending of medicines inside buses in Nigeria: vending strategies, dominant themes and medicine-related information provided
Kazeem B. Yusuff, Abd’ Wassi Sanni

Pharmacy practice simulations: performance of senior pharmacy students at a University in southern Brazil
Dayani Galato, Graziela M. Alano, Silvana C. Trauthman, Tainã F. França

The perceptions of pharmacists in Victoria, Australia on pharmacogenetics and its implications
Teresa McMahon, Joseph Tucci

Knowledge of, beliefs about, and perceived barriers to the use of the emergency contraception pill among women aged 18-51 in Nova Scotia
Anne M. Whelan, Donald B. Langille, Samantha J. White, Mark Asbridge, Gordon Flowerdew

Impact of drugs counselling by an undergraduate pharmacist on cardiac surgical patient’s compliance to medicines.
Natalie Zerafa, Maurice Zarb Adami, Joseph Galea

Prevalence of hazardous alcohol use among pharmacy students at nine U.S. schools of pharmacy
Clayton D. English, Jose A. Rey, Lauren S. Schlesselman


Pharmacy Practice Vol 9, No 4 (2011)

The 2011 PHARMINE report on pharmacy and pharmacy education in the European Union
Jeffrey Atkinson, Bart Rombaut

The PHARMINE study on the impact of the European Union directive on sectoral professions and of the Bologna declaration on pharmacy education in Europe
Jeffrey Atkinson, Bart Rombaut

Quality assurance in European pharmacy education and training
Jose A. Guimarães Morais, Afonso M. Cavaco, Bart Rombaut, Michael J. Rouse, Jeffrey Atkinson

Prescription of psychoactive drugs in patients attended by the SUS at Manhuaçu – MG (Brazil)
Daniel P. Gonçalves, Ian V. Silva, Letícia B. Rangel, Lucas C. Rezende

What do children with cancer know about their medications?
Tamara MacDonald, Derek MacDonald, Bruce Crooks, Cherie Collicott

Health literacy in the pharmacy setting: defining pharmacotherapy literacy.
Sean R. King, David J. McCaffrey III, Alicia S. Bouldin

Assessment of a pharmacist-driven point-of-care spirometry clinic within a primary care physicians office
Michael J. Cawley, Richard Pacitti, William Warning

Health professionals’ knowledge, attitude and practices towards pharmacovigilance in Nepal
Subish Palaian, Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Pranaya Mishra

Alcohol attitudes and behaviors among faculty at U.S. schools and colleges of pharmacy
Lauren S. Schlesselman, Carmen Nobre, Clayton D. English

Exploring knowledge and attitudes towards counselling about vitamin supplements in Jordanian community pharmacies
Sireen A. Shilbayeh

Incorporating online teaching in an introductory pharmaceutical practice course: a study of student perceptions within an Australian University
Diana Benino, Antonia Girardi, Petra Czarniak