Pharmacy Practice 2009 contents

Pharmacy Practice Vol 7, No 1 (2009)

Adherence: a review of education, research, practice and policy in Australia
Parisa Aslani, Ines Krass

Role of the pharmacist in pre-exposure chemoprophylaxis (PrEP) therapy for HIV prevention
Kevin A. Clauson, Hyla H. Polen, Shine A. Joseph, Antonia Zapantis

The applicability of the tetraclass model to the management of the patient satisfaction in the pharmacies
Guenka Petrova, Fabrice Clerfeuille, Milena Vakrilova, Cvetomir Mitkov, Yannick Poubanne

Drugs in upper respiratory tract infections in paediatric patients in North Trinidad
Kameel Mungrue, Tessa Brown, Ivory Hayes, Savatri Ramroop, Portio Thurston, Lexley Pinto Pereira

Relationship between drug interactions and drug-related negative clinical outcomes in two community pharmacies
Javier Cremades, Mario Gonzalo, Isabel Arrebola

Evaluation of antihypertensive therapy in diabetic hypertensive patients: impact of ischemic heart disease
Waleed M. Sweileh, Ansam F. Sawalha, Sa’ed H. Zyoud, Samah W. Al-Jabil, Eman J. Tameem, Nasr Y. Shraim

Preceptor preferences for participating in electronic preceptor development
Machelle Davison, Melissa S. Medina, Nancy E. Ray

General medications utilization and cost patterns in hospitalized children
Doaa Okasha, Imad Kassis, Salim Haddad, Norberto Krivoy

The effect of one-dose package on medication adherence for the elderly care in Japan
Kiyohito Nakai, Nobuo Yamamoto, Miwako Kamei, Masahiko Fujita


Pharmacy Practice Vol 7, No 2 (2009)

Adherence: a review of education, research, practice and policy in Switzerland
Marie P. Schneider, Isabelle Krummenacher, Hugo Figueiredo, Julien Marquis, Olivier Bugnon

The Portuguese generic medicines market: A policy analysis
Steven Simoens

Impact of pharmacist’s interventions on cost of drug therapy in intensive care unit
Surasak Saokaew, Sirada Maphanta, Pornchanok Thangsomboon

Education for arthritis patients: a community pharmacy based pilot project
Valentina B. Petkova

Provision of clinical pharmacy services in two safety net provider settings
Sharon E. Connor, Margie E. Snyder, Zachary J. Snyder, Karen Steinmetz Pater

Adequacy of pharmacological information provided in pharmaceutical drug advertisements in African medical journals
Kazeem A. Oshikoya, Idowu O. Senbanjo, Ayo Soipe

Cost of outpatient hypertension pharmacotherapy – comparative study between Bulgaria and Serbia
Anna Ivanova, Dragana Lakic, Vesna Andric, Guenka Petrova

Balancing risk versus benefit: the elderly patient’s perspective on warfarin therapy
Beata Bajorek, Susan J. Ogle, Margaret J. Duguid, Gillian M. Shenfield, Ines Krass


Pharmacy Practice Vol 7, No 3 (2009)

Adherence: a review of education, research, practice and policy in Spain
Narjis Fikri-Benbrahim, Victoria Garcia-Cardenas, Loreto Saez-Benito, Miguel A. Gastelurrutia, Maria J. Faus

Survey of pharmacists and physicians on drug interactions between combined oral contraceptives and broad-spectrum antibiotics
Kelly P. Masters, Beth M. Carr

Assessment of attitudes of University of Nigeria pharmacy students toward pharmaceutical care
Patrick O. Udeogaranya, Chinwe V. Ukwe, Obinna I. Ekwunife

Effect of a pharmacist managed smoking cessation clinic on quit rates
Ann M. Philbrick, Erin N. Newkirk, Karen B. Farris, Deanna L. McDanel, Kathleen E. Horner

Consumer views of community pharmacy services in Bangalore city, India
Geetha Jayaprakash, Munna L. Rajan, Ponnushankar Shivam

Factors contributing to nonadherence to oral hypoglycemic medications among ambulatory type 2 diabetes patients in Southwestern Nigeria
Rasaq Adisa, Martins B. Alutundu, Titilayo O. Fakeye

The amount of liquid patients use to take tablets or capsules
Joerg Fuchs

A retrospective characterization of worsening renal function in patients with acute decompensated heart failure receiving nesiritide
Jessica A. Starr, Jean M. Nappi

Effect of patient counseling on quality of life of hemodialysis patients in India
Dixon Thomas, John Joseph, Babu Francis, Guru P. Mohanta


Pharmacy Practice Vol 7, No 4 (2009)

Adherence to treatment: practice, education and research in Danish community pharmacy
Lotte S. Haugbølle, Hanne Herborg

Measuring consumer preference for models of diabetes care delivered by pharmacists
Susan Taylor, Fleur Hourihan, Ines Krass, Carol L. Armour

Beta-blocker therapy in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction and chronic obstructive lung disease in an ambulatory care setting
Jennifer J. Schimmer, Sarah J. Billups, Thomas Delate

Evaluation of patient perceptions and outcomes related to anticoagulation point-of-care testing in ambulatory care clinics
Amy N. Thompson, Kelly R. Ragucci, Joli D. Fermo, Heather P. Whitley

Risk factors of self-reported adverse drug events among Medicare enrollees before and after Medicare Part D
Olayinka O. Shiyanbola, Karen B. Farris, Julie M. Urmie, William R. Doucette

Corporate Social Responsibility in Countries with Mature and Emerging Pharmaceutical
Anna Volodina, Sylvia Sax, Stuart Anderson

Knowledge and reported use of antibiotics amongst school-teachers in New Zealand
Pauline Norris, Chia E. Chong, Anita Chou, Tao-Hsuan Hsu, Chia C. Lee, Christine Kuei-Lien Su, Yunxiu Wang

Impact of educational intervention on the pattern and incidence of potential drug-drug interactions in Nepal
Durga Bista, Archana Saha, Pranaya Mishra, Subish Palaian, Pathiyil R. Shankar

Collaboration with pharmacy services in a family practice for the medically underserved
Fallon Enfinger, Kendall Campbell, James R. Taylor