Pharmacy Practice 2007 contents

Pharmacy Practice Vol 5, No 1 (2007)

Effect of integrated traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine on the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome: A meta-analysis
Yan Chen, Jeff J. Guo, Daniel P. Healy, Siyan Zhan

Identification by observation of clinical pharmacists’ activities in a hospital inpatient setting
Peter Stuchbery, David C. Kong, Giovanna N. DeSantis, Sung K. Lo

Medication prescribing errors in a public teaching hospital in India: A prospective study
Sayali Pote, Pramil Tiwari, Sanjay D’Cruz

Community pharmacy-based research in Spain (1995-2005): A bibliometric study
Jose C. Andres Iglesias, N. Floro Andres Rodriguez, José A. Fornos Pérez

Dietary supplement use among academic pharmacists
Michael S. Murphy, Albert I. Wertheimer, Elaine D. Mackowiak

Consumption of antibiotics in a small Pacific island nation: Samoa
Pauline Norris, Hong A. Nguyen

Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale as a long-term outcome measurement tool in patients receiving clozapine ODT- A Pilot Study
Gollapudi Shankar, Carmen Nate

A pharmacovigilance study in the department of medicine of a university teaching hospital
Himanshu Sharma, Mohammed Aqil, Faisal Imam, Mohammad S. Alam, Prem Kapur, Krishna K. Pillai


Pharmacy Practice Vol 5, No 2 (2007)

Varenicline: A review of the literature and place in therapy
Heather P. Whitley, Krystal L. Moorman

Pharmacists’ views on involvement in pharmacy practice research: Strategies for facilitating participation
Carol L. Armour, Martha Brillant, Ines Krass

Antibiotic prescription and cost patterns in a general intensive care unit
Norberto Krivoy, Wissam Abed El-Ahal, Yaron Bar-Lavie, Salim Haddad

Investigation of barriers to clinical practice guideline-recommended pharmacotherapy in the treatment of COPD
Lea Price, Sarah J. Billups, Melissa A. Rice, Cynthia Hartsfield

Eliciting comprehensive medication histories in the emergency department: the role of the pharmacist
Meredith Crook, Maja Ajdukovic, Christopher Angley, Natalie Soulsby, Christopher Doecke, Ieva Stupans, Manya Angley

Results of chart reviews conducted to evaluate primary care patients seen by second and third year family medicine residents for potential adverse polypharmacy
Linda F. Chang, May N. Lutfiyya, Isaac Cha, Ehab El-Khabiry

Development and validity of a method for the evaluation of printed education material
Mauro S. Castro, Diogo Pilger, Flavio D. Fuchs, Maria B. Ferreira

Documentation of pharmacotherapeutic interventions of pharmacy students
Elicia D. King, Mamie A. Wilson, Linh Van, Frank S. Emanuel


Pharmacy Practice Vol 5, No 3 (2007)

Pharmacological strategies for the management of cancer pain in developing countries
Afekhide E. Omoti, Caroline E. Omoti

Analysis of medicine advertisement produced in Brazil
Lorilei F. Wzorek, Cassyano J. Correr, Angela C. Trindade, Roberto Pontarolo

Programmatic assessment of student experiences using a longitudinal survey
JoLaine R. Draugalis, Cecilia M. Plaza

A systematic approach to cross-cultural adaptation of survey tools
Filipa A. Costa, Catherine Duggan, Ian Bates

Pharmacists’ attitudes and awareness towards the use and safety of herbs in Kuwait
Nada A. Abahussain, Eman A. Abahussain, Fawaz M. Al-Oumi

Evaluation of thiazide diuretic use as preferred therapy in uncomplicated essential hypertension patients
Ronald S. Greene, Marissa Escobar Quinones, Krystal L. Edwards

Assessment of prescription profile of pregnant women visiting antenatal clinics
Uchenna I. Eze, Adego E. Eferakeya, Azuka C. Oparah, Ehijie F. Enato

Psychotropic and psychoactive drugs and hospitalization rates in nursing facility residents
James W. Cooper, Megan H. Freeman, Christopher L. Cook, Alison H. Burfield


Pharmacy Practice Vol 5, No 4 (2007)

Delivering medicines in a challenging environment: the pharmaceutical sector in East Timor (a descriptive study)
Pauline Norris, Raul B. Dos Santos, David Woods, Wale Tobata

Journal publications by pharmacy practice faculty evaluated by institution and region of the United States (2001-2003)
Craig I. Coleman, Lauren S. Schlesselman, C. Michael White

Profile of drug interactions in hospitalized children
Jacqueline K. Martinbiancho, Joice Zuckermann, Luciana dos Santos, Marianne M. Silva

Pharmacist elicited medication histories in the Emergency Department: Identifying patient groups at risk of medication misadventure
Maja Ajdukovic, Meredith Crook, Christopher Angley, Ieva Stupans, Natalie Soulsby, Christopher Doecke, Barbara Anderson, Manya Angley

Impact of clinical pharmacist intervention on diabetes related quality-of-life in an ambulatory care clinic
Douglas L. Jennings, Kelly R. Ragucci, Elinor C. Chumney, Andrea M. Wessell

Pharmaceutical services in a Mexican pain relief and palliative care institute
Raymundo Escutia Gutierrez, Cesar R. Cortez Alvarez, Rosa M. Alvarez Alvarez, Jorge L. Flores Hernandez, Jessica Gutierrez Godinez, Jose G. Lopez y Lopez

Profile of drug utilization in the elderly living in Porto Alegre
Fabiana Torres Faggiani, Guilherme Schroeter, Sandro Luz Pacheco, Antonio C. Araujo de Souza, Maria C. Werlang, Geraldo Attilio de Carli, Fernanda Bueno Morrone

A pilot study of complementary and alternative medicine use in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome
Geoffrey C. Wall, Linda L. Krypel, Michael J. Miller, Derek M. Rees