Current Issue

Pharmacy Practice Vol 14, No 1 (2016)


Women’s involvement in clinical trials: historical perspective and future implications
Natalie A. DiPietro Mager, Katherine A. Liu


Adherence to antiretroviral therapy and its determinants among persons living with HIV/AIDS in Bayelsa state, Nigeria
Ismail A. Suleiman, Andrew Momo
Associations between patient factors and medication adherence: A Jordanian experience
Iman A. Basheti, Sami Saqf el Hait, Eyad A. Qunaibi, Salah Aburuz, Nailya Bulatova
Determinants of self-medication with NSAIDs in a Portuguese community pharmacy
Ana P. Nunes, Isabel M. Costa, Filipa A. Costa
Predominant learning styles among pharmacy students at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil
Alexandra I. Czepula, Wallace E. Bottacin, Edson Hipólito Jr., Deise R. Baptista, Roberto Pontarolo, Cassyano J. Correr
Medication reconciliation at patient admission: a randomized controlled trial
Antonio E. Mendes, Natália F. Lombardi, Vânia S. Andrzejevski, Gibran Frandoloso, Cassyano J. Correr, Maurício Carvalho
Reliability assessment of a peer evaluation instrument in a team-based learning course
Joy Wahawisan, Miguel Salazar, Robin Walters, Fadi Alkhateeb, Omar Attarabeen
Inclusion of salt form on prescription medication labeling as a source of patient confusion: a pilot study
Dana J. McDougall, James D. Hoehns, Tara T. Feller, Savana J. Kriener, Matthew J. Witry
Inter-professional education unveiling significant association between asthma knowledge and inhaler technique
Iman A. Basheti, Salim A. Hamadi, Helen K. Reddel
Pharmacy students’ knowledge and attitudes about antibiotics in Kosovo
Albina Fejza, Zeqir Kryeziu, Kushtrim Kadrija, Malbora Musa